Sorry I’m not taking new clients at this time (2020 & 2021).

Jeff’s service aims for happy dogs and top quality cuts at great prices with some discounts for pensioners too.

* High Quality Dog Clipping
* Hygienic Non-recirculating Bath System
* High Quality Shampoo
* Warm Blow Dry
* Nail Trimming
* Ear Cleaning

Open Tuesday to Saturday, bookings are required. Call call 03 5022 8090 to make an appointment.

Located at 851 Etiwanda Ave and Palm Springs Drive (just before 16th) at the premises to the side of the house.

Recent Pamperings


851 Etiwanda Ave, Mildura, Victoria, 3500 (Map)
Coner of Etiwanda Ave and Palm Springs Drive (just before 16th St)

Give us a call

03 5022 8090 or 0490 750075 Tue - Sat, 8/9am to 5pm (Hours vary)